Region Solar Completes 150-kW Solar Project for Florida Gardening Business

Region Solar has just completed a 150.3-kW rooftop and carport solar photovoltaic installation at SimGar, The Simple Garden, in Bradenton, Florida.  SimGar’s rooftop is outfitted with 297 panels, and the carport system is constructed of 204 solar panels.  Not only does SimGar offer that highly-coveted shaded parking so sought after in Florida, but it also has electric vehicle charging stations built into the carport system.  The system is projected to provide 230,000 kWh of electricity annually to the building and will be net-metered by Florida Power & Light.

stock - skypanelsThe Simple Garden is a self-contained home gardening system that can be powered by a solar panel and simulates optimum growing conditions for fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Passionate about harnessing the power of the sun, building and business owner Chris Cantolino leads by example and sees solar energy as a perfect complement to his incredible SimGar operation. Cantolino’s manufacturing plant for parent company VizCO, The Visionary Company located in Monticello Florida, is also going solar with a ground-mounted 1.004-MW system of 3,280 solar panels.

Region Solar owner Andrew Tanner said, “To our knowledge, the installation at SimGar may be the largest solar installation in Manatee County. To be able to provide a state-of-the-art solar carport with electric vehicle charging stations displays great leadership by Mr. Cantolino on where our society is headed.  Chris takes a page out of Commodore Vanderbilt’s philosophy; by trimming the fat out of operational expenses, by being as lean as possible, you can be as competitive as you care to be.”

Cantolino remarked, “It’s all about being as competitive as possible!  If you create all your energy with solar, then you’re lowering your operational costs, and it just makes good business sense.”

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