Q CELLS, eStat partner to serve Hawaii’s residential energy storage market


Q CELLS is expanding its reach in the Hawaiian residential energy market via a new partnership with eStat Inc, which provides clean energy solutions in the residential energy sector. eStat’s cloud-based energy optimization and management technology allows homeowners to build a sustainable Zero Carbon Smart Home that achieves NEM-equivalent savings in Hawaii.

As utilities phase out NEM programs, eStat’s technology will allow homeowners to achieve savings equivalent to those earned through NEM programs. The technology also enables homes to become resilient island nano-grids through storage batteries which provide backup power when service disruptions occur on the grid. eStat recently partnered with Poncho’s Solar in Oahu, HI (in its 34th year of business) and plans to grow with more local partners and communities in the future to provide a steady supply of solar and storage systems to the Hawaiian market.

New with Q CELLS. Q CELLS partnered with eStat to supply its world-class solar modules and Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G1 (“Q.HOME”) all-in-one home energy storage system for homeowners to consume clean solar energy in Hawaii. After nearly a year of refining features of the Q.HOME product, Q.HOME will be fully integrated with eStat’s cloud-based monitoring and management system, utilizing machine learning to enable home consumption to fully utilize onsite production and storage. The partnership will underscore eStat as Q CELLS’ primary O&M partner in the Hawaiian market.

“We are happy to contribute to achieving Hawaii’s goal of generating all residential power from 100% renewable energy sources with the world-renowned renewables company, Q CELLS,” said John Borland, Director of eStat Hawaii. “Hawaii provides one of the best locations on earth for the deployment and maximum utilization of solar energy including solar-PV+Battery storage and solar-thermal hot water storage year round. We just completed a 4-month field test of the Q.HOME product on Oahu verifying its ability to achieve: 1) a Zero Carbon Smart Home, 2) a Resilient Island Nano-Grid (grid-tie and off-grid operation) and 3) NEM-Equivalent savings.”

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