PV panel provider Solaria just doubled its global production capacity


Solaria Corp., a global provider of high-performance solar panel and systems technologies, today announced that Solaria has started shipping PowerXT panels from SHINSUNG E&G’s (011930 KS) production facilities, doubling Solaria’s global production capacity.

“We’ve been seeing so much demand for our PowerXT panels that it has been a challenge to keep up,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “We’re proud to be working with SHINSUNG E&G to meet this demand. SHINSUNG E&G is an established and highly respected leader in our industry, and has proven it shares Solaria’s commitment to manufacturing excellence.”

“Shinsung E&G is proud to be producing Solaria PowerXT panels,” said Dong-Seop Kim, President, Renewable Energy Business, SHINSUNG E&G. “The combination of Solaria’s patented technology with SHINSUNG E&G’s manufacturing expertise yields an unbeatable combination of an elegant streamlined look and industry-leading efficiency.”

Solaria’s Pure Black PowerXT solar panels, using advanced cell interconnect and module production processes, significantly boosts power generation and provides outstanding performance with unmatched aesthetic appeal.


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