Panasonic expands solar options for homeowners (PERC panel, hybrid inverter, beefed up spec sheets)

EverVolt 2.0

Panasonic introduced two new series of EverVolt solar modules at Intersolar 2022, including the new 410W/400W H Series panels made with half-cut cells and heterojunction technology with gapless connections, and the 370W/360W PK Black Series panels, Panasonic’s first panels constructed with PERC technology.  

The company’s new 410W/400W EverVolt H Series modules are the most powerful modules in its portfolio and consist of 66 half-cut cells. Energy efficiency ratings of 22.2 percent and 21.6 percent mean homeowners can enjoy high energy production while using less roof space. The home owner can also benefit from an industry-leading temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C, which allows for greater energy production during the day even in the hottest climates. With one of the industry’s lowest annual degradation rates, Panasonic guarantees power output of at least 92 percent in the 25th year after installation.     

Panasonic’s new 370W/360W PK Black Series modules, made with 60 half-cut cells and Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) technology, have module efficiency of 20.3 percent and 19.7 percent, respectively, and guarantee power output of at least 86 percent in the 25th year after installation. The sleek, all-black compact panels are made with both flexibility and aesthetics in mind, to provide a greater range of solar options for eco-conscious homeowners.

Both new models are covered under Panasonic’s TripleGuard and AllGuard warranties. The TripleGuard warranty covers product, performance, and labor for 25 years when installed by a Panasonic Authorized, Premium or Elite installer and registered through the Panasonic website. The AllGuard warranty provides homeowners with a 25-year labor warranty from Panasonic for Enphase Micro inverters and Unirac or IronRidge racking, in addition to the product warranty, if purchased together from Panasonic.

“More homeowners than ever are interested in going solar, so offering a wide array of wattage, size and price options is essential to staying competitive in the market,” said Mukesh Sethi, Director of Solar and Energy Storage at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. “Panasonic has more than 20 years’ experience in the solar industry and more than a century of experience in innovation, but we are more energized now than ever about the future of residential solar solutions we bring to the industry.”

Panasonic has also announced enhancements to its new EverVolt 2.0 residential battery launched in November 2021. New features include a gateway system that simplifies installation by consolidating all necessary components at a single control and access point, and a new app for homeowners that provides visibility into the entire energy system, and enables convenient management of both solar and storage.

The new EverVolt 2.0, Panasonic’s next-generation solar energy battery storage system, builds on the advanced energy storage technology of the first generation with enhancements including:

  • Continuous power output of 7.6 kW off-grid and 9.6 kW with grid
  • Two energy storage capacities (17.1 kWh or 25.65 kWh usable capacity) per system
  • Can be AC- and DC-coupled, allowing it to work with both new and existing solar energy systems
  • Comprised of two primary components: the floor-standing battery cabinet and a hybrid smart inverter with four maximum power point tracking MPPTs  
  • Weatherproof design with an outdoor protection rating of IP55 (NEMA 3R)
  • A modular design that allows up to three systems can be stacked together to obtain more power output and energy storage capacity
  • Multiple operating modes, including back-up mode, residential mode, time-of-use mode and custom modes which can be set by the system owner

The EverVolt 410W/400W H Series and 370W/360W PK Black Series modules, will be displayed alongside EverVolt 2.0 in the Panasonic booth #838.

EverVolt 2.0 will begin shipping in April, while both module series will be available in the second quarter 2022.

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