Ohio non-profits debut solar installer Code of Ethics to prevent bad actors

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Photovoltaic solar installers are perhaps the most visible face of the renewable energy transition. Solar installers can also face an added level of scrutiny, and rightfully so. From outright dishonesty to well-meaning businesses that simply went out of business and left systems stranded, there is no shortage of aggrieved solar buyers posting 1 star reviews or making headlines.

As the industry grows by leaps and bounds this decade, and as even more new companies open/expand to meet demand (and try to fill new jobs), the need to solidify best practices grows right along with it. This is why nonprofits Solar United Neighbors (SUN) and Green Energy Ohio (GEO) are inviting Ohio solar installers to join a community of companies to take the Code of Ethics for Solar Installers pledge.

SUN and GEO have long-standing relationships with solar installers throughout the state. This initiative recognizes and rewards companies who follow ethical business practices.

“Nearly all solar installers in the state work hard to give their customers a great experience, ensure they are fair, and do quality work. It’s frightening to know that a few, mostly out of state, bad actors are giving their industry a bad reputation,” said Jane Harf, Executive Director of Green Energy Ohio.

“Our primary goal is to protect solar consumers by giving installers a place to express their commitment to their customers and ethical business practices,” said Tristan Rader, Solar United Neighbors Ohio Program Director.

There are a few bad actors in the solar industry who have adopted unethical sales and marketing practices, left projects unfinished, and misrepresented costs. These bad actors hurt consumers and the industry as a whole. While there are relatively few of these bad actors their actions have an undeniable negative impact on all who work in the solar industry.

The groups sat that after the installer signs the pledge and agrees to abide by the practices contained in the Code of Ethics, they will be added to solarethics.org and be given a “Pledge Badge.” Installers can then include the badge on marketing materials and their website.

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