NEXTracker debuts NX Fusion, a pre-engineered AC power system bundle

NEXTracker, a Flex company, just announced its latest innovation called NX Fusion. This new product is a one-stop-shop product bundle that comes as a pre-engineered AC power system solution that integrates a solar power plant’s most critical mechanical and electrical components into a single, repeatable tracker power block.

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The Gates Project in North Carolina, developed by O2 Energies.

NX Fusion includes NEXTracker’s advanced horizontal tracker, NX Horizon (formerly known as the Self-Powered Tracker or SPT), DC wiring, advanced string inverters, UPS, piers, tracker monitoring and control system; and, optionally, PV modules. All of these components are optimized to work in concert, ensuring rapid installation, cost savings, scalability and maximum energy output for ground-mounted PV systems – eliminating the often complicated system design, permitting, and logistical challenges faced by today’s solar developers.

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“We created NX Fusion to enable solar developers, utilities, and EPC customers to increase project velocity and profit. The pre-engineered solution of best-in-class components accelerates each step of design, permitting, and construction,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. “NX Fusion eliminates additional DC electrical design work and UPS backup systems which makes project installation quicker and easier. We incorporated customer feedback into the configuration of NX Fusion, and have received terrific feedback on initial projects. NX Fusion furthers our vision of taking PV systems manufacturing to the next level for the benefit of customers and mainstreaming solar.”

NX Fusion also includes on-site weather stations that can guide the array to safe stowing positions within seconds of detecting increasing wind speeds. Quick fixes and diagnoses can now be conducted remotely via sophisticated monitoring systems in addition to locally or on-site, eliminating delays and loss of revenue for mission critical solar power plants. A robust blend of best in class components, NX Fusion supports both crystalline modules and thin film PV technologies.

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NEXTracker logoNX Horizon, the highest performing, most reliable, standardized and optimized solar tracker for both utility-scale and distributed generation projects — is now being deployed in PV installations around the world at a rate of over 100MW per week. NEXTracker’s NX Horizon has fewer foundations and assembly points to help mitigate geotechnical risk and accelerate project construction schedules. With independent rows and high slope tolerance, NX Horizon minimizes site preparation costs while enabling industry-leading power density. NX Horizon’s self-grounding and self-powered design provides valuable savings in labor and materials, while its wide rotational range enables PV systems to take full advantage of high irradiance environments.

NEXTracker professionals are available worldwide to discuss solar tracking needs. For more information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @NEXTracker. Watch a Corporate Overview video here.


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