New York PSC approves smart meter for National Grid that’s ideal for wholesale market participation

Revelo smart meter

Widespread installation of distributed energy resources will require an upgrade in utility equipment. Grid-edge technology to ease behind-the-meter projects (and potentially add more ROI) is especially useful. The New York Public Service Commission has approved the Landis+Gyr Revelo meter for use in electric metering applications in National Grid service territories throughout New York, and the announcement specifically notes new opportunities to participate in wholesale markets via FERC Order 2222.

The order approving the meter says Revelo is engineered and tested to comply with applicable requirements of 16 NYCRR Part 93 and ANSI C12.20 and is a next-generation platform capable of bi-directional energy management. The order further states the device has a physically separate edge intelligence processor that ensures cybersecurity of sensitive data and control commands.

National Grid intends to deploy approximately 1.7 million electric meters and 640,000 smart gas meter modules as part of its transition to next generation smart infrastructure.

“This approval of the Revelo metering platform allows us to move forward aggressively with clean energy initiatives from both a grid facing and customer benefits perspectives,” said Carlos Nouel, Vice President of Transformation Programs at National Grid. “The Revelo technology we are putting in place supports real-time consumer access to data on their smart phone and supports improved operations.”

“The expansion of distributed energy resources and growth in electric transportation require the data and control provided by newer intelligent grid systems that more effectively plan, manage, and maintain our power grid,” Nouel added.

The Revelo E360 monitors energy flow in real-time, as opposed to traditional AMI meters that report historical energy use in time intervals. By enabling simultaneous, sub-second monitoring of the energy delivered and used throughout the system, Revelo provides consumers and energy providers with the ability to act on changes in energy availability and cost. Revelo’s unique waveform sampling makes it a highly accurate grid sensor and supports software applications for decision making at the grid edge.

In addition to the available customer benefits, National Grid has outlined future operational benefits that include intelligent voltage monitoring/conservation and distributed outage detection.

“The Revelo metering platform combines both grid sensing and metrology functions in a single residential meter, allowing consumers and utilities to manage energy assets, such as residential solar installations, EV chargers and home appliances in real time, while maintaining power quality and reliability,” said Steve Schamber, Program Director at Landis+Gyr. “These capabilities also are ideal for encouraging implementation of transactive energy markets in the near future, such as the requirements of FERC Order No. 2222 allowing distributed energy resources to participate in regional wholesale energy markets.”

Landis+Gyr’s smart grid tech uses pattern recognition and machine learning to automate decision making and make possible real-time response to events impacting the grid as they happen. Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect communications platform will provide standards-based interoperable networking, enhanced access to energy usage information, and real-time energy analytics for more effective electric grid operations.

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