New racking system from Solar FlexRack debuts in this Massachusetts installation

Solar FlexRack Turning Mill

Solar FlexRack, a division of Northern States Metals, debuted its newest FlexRack Series B3P-X racking system in a 650-kW DC PV project located in Dighton, Mass., completed by Turning Mill Energy. The B3P-X racking system, together with Solar FlexRack’s Cast in Place (CIP) ballasted system, provides a robust solution for challenging terrain and reduces installation costs.

The FlexRack Series B Cast in Place ballasted system easily adapts to uneven terrain allowing for a simple and efficient installation process that requires no added material to secure the form. Economically shipped as a two-piece, pre-assembled form, the system can be operational in less than three minutes with two people. The Series B-CIP streamlines installation by decreasing labor time and reduces expensive shipping costs resulting in a superior solution for a more advantageous price.

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“Every project is different, which is why we pride ourselves on providing custom options to fit each project’s unique needs,” said Steve Daniel, EVP of sales and marketing. “The Series B-CIP allows companies the flexibility in choosing which ballasted option will work best with their project site.”

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The Turning Mill Energy project is comprised of 120 FlexRack Series B3P-X portrait racks. The energy generated from this solar project will benefit the town of Mendon, Mass.

“Solar FlexRack’s Series B-CIP is the complete CIP racking solution. It allowed us to build a pour-in-place system as fast as a precast ballasted system and at a lower cost,” said Tony Johnson, managing partner, Turning Mill Energy.

The FlexRack Series B-CIP is Solar FlexRack’s newest ground-mount system for installing ballasted PV solar on landfills, brownfields, and water-saturated terrain where little or no soil penetration is allowed. The simple design characteristics, the ability to level posts after forms are set, the customizable block sizing, the roll-formed light weight forms, and the limited components needed for installation, make Series B-CIP a completely user-friendly, innovative system.

To learn more about Solar FlexRack’s two ballasted options, Series B-CIP and Series B Pre-Cast, visit this link.

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