Neighborhood Power, Mana Monitoring to manage Landmark Community Solar in Oregon

Renewable energy provider Neighborhood Power has partnered with Mana Monitoring to deliver the cost-saving and environmental advantages of solar energy to Oregonians en masse from multiple community solar farms in the state. The project consists of four 2.5-MW community solar farms, three of which are now fully operational, within the Portland General Electric service territories and are the first commissioned projects in Oregon’s state-mandated Community Solar Program. 

Daimler Trucks North America LLC, WorldMark by Wyndham – Portland Waterfront Park vacation club resort and Clackamas County have all committed to their renewable energy goals as initial subscribers. A small number of subscriptions are still available today for small commercial businesses (with energy loads less than 30kW, such as law offices, restaurants, gas stations, car washes and others) as well as low-income residential customers. Visit to subscribe to the Oregon community solar farms.

Operating under the Oregon Community Solar Program, this project enables commercial and qualified low-income residential customers to purchase energy from local renewable resources, delivering the advantages of renewable energy credits and reduced electricity bills. Subscribers save an average of 5 to 20 percent on annual electricity costs. Community solar is ideal for renters, homes and buildings with shade or those who cannot purchase or install solar PV on their property. Momentum for community solar projects is growing in states like Oregon, Hawaii, New Mexico and beyond.  

mana monitoring community solar in oregon

“We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from renewable energy but also recognize not every home, building, or housing situation allows for the purchase and installation of solar PV,” said Benjamin S. Collinwood, vice president of sales at Neighborhood Power. “Community solar projects like this help contribute to a healthier environment for the entire community, and Mana Monitoring helps us ensure our solar farms reach peak performance and generate the expected returns we can pass on to subscribers.” 

Neighborhood Power is leveraging the Mana Monitoring Platform to track, report and manage each farm’s production in one centralized dashboard to ensure optimal performance. Mana Monitoring specializes in aggregating solar PV and renewable energy site portfolios into a single platform, providing optimized monitoring, streamlined system maintenance and automated reporting. 

“Real-time monitoring is essential for managers of community solar projects like Neighborhood Power to optimize system uptime, which ultimately translates into maximum savings for subscribers,” said Zoltan Milaskey, president of Mana Monitoring. “Mana Monitoring’s platform is used on more than 500 MW of energy nationally, and working with other renewable energy experts like Neighborhood Power allows us to bring our combined experience to Oregon in a powerful way.”

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