Meet VelociWrapper, a self-propelled cable wrapping machine built for solar installs


The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent for a neat new invention, the VelociWrapper — a cable-wrapping machine built to increase the speed of solar installations.

The VelociWrapper 312 is a self-propelled cable wrapping machine (no motors needed) engineered to wrap MV cable in a triplex bundle using twine, for burial in a trench primarily for wind farms and solar farms. It requires no power source, only harnessing the energy of pulling the cable through the machine to rotate a carriage holding the twine supply, tensioners, and rollers that in turn spiral-wrap the cable with 3 strands of twine, making a consistent bundle that stays tight and uniform even after handling.

“Due to the demand for our machine, we have already outgrown our first facility and are currently moving our manufacturing operations into a facility five times the size to accommodate the growth,” explains Torrance Bistline, the founder and inventor of the VelociWrapper. “We have more patents and innovations in the works as well which we will be unveiling soon.”

Once the cables are laid in the ground using the system, it contributes to 5 to 8 percent more efficiency in the transfer of energy through to its destination, which also reduces heat and extends the life of the cable, the company says.

VelociWrapper is exhibiting at the Clean Energy 2022 tradeshow (Booth 1432) in San Antonio, Texas this week.

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