Meet ProHarvest, the new inverter collaboration from OutBack Power, HiQ Solar

Outback Power invertersAt Solar Power International, OutBack Power Technologies announced the next milestone in its partnership with HiQ Solar, an innovator in 3-phase power-conversion technology for commercial and industrial solar applications: ProHarvest by OutBack Power. The new brand will be offered by OutBack’s direct sales group through selected distribution sales partners, while HiQ Solar will continue to work with its project partners. Furthermore, OutBack Power’s technical and applications and warranty groups will support OutBack sales of ProHarvest products.

“With ProHarvest, we can get HiQ’s project-proven technology in front of a wider audience and open new opportunities through installers wishing to grow their commercial business,” said Harvey Wilkinson, general manager of OutBack Power.

Added HiQ Solar’s chairman and CEO, Lutz Henckels, “Our unique technology makes plug-and-play commercial solar viable for solar contractors looking to expand their portfolios and offer commercial services. In partnership with OutBack Power using the ProHarvest line, we can now provide that technology with the assurance and support required to earn many new customers.”

Over the past five years, commercial solar installation has grown significantly, with equally dramatic shifts in balance-of-system preferences. Once dominated by large, powerful and relatively economical (but inflexible and bulky) central inverters, the trend today is to use many string inverters that are easier to install and provide redundancy; if an inverter fails, the entire system is not out of commission. The HiQ approach combines the best of all worlds: improved economics of a large string inverter, with the array-mounting and form-factor of a microinverter. With this technology, installers have a plug-and-play system architecture to work with. Key components literally snap together, saving considerable installation time and effort. Equally important, this system topology meets all code-required standards for rapid shut-down and disconnect in commercial systems—very important for system owners and their stakeholders.

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