LONGi debuts Hi-MO X6 Bifacial Dual-Glass solar modules

LONGi Hi-MO double glass

LONGi showcased its new Hi-MO X6 Bifacial Dual-Glass solar modules during the 19th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference.

The Hi-MO X6 Bifacial Dual-Glass modules cater to a wide range of PV application scenarios, such as distributed roofs, PV carports, and winter gardens. This cutting-edge product line includes Hi-MO X6 Explorer and Hi-MO X6 Guardian (Anti Humidity & Heat),and is especially designed for high temperature and high humidity environments.

With over 40% of global regions classified as Damp Heat (DH) climates, the challenges for PV modules in these areas are substantial, ranging from leakage degradation to adhesive film yellowing and hydrolysis reactions.

The Hi-MO X6 Bifacial Dual-Glass modules are engineered to overcome these challenges. LONGi’s dedicated “Anti Humidity & Heat Module” project team has been developing a series of technological advancements that include:

  • Free front-side busbar design optimizing the front side for higher energy yield.
  • Customized electrode paste to significantly enhance resistance to degradation in high humid and heat environments.
  • A high water resistance sealant solution coupled with a high-quality adhesive film process to prevent water vapor intrusion.

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