Largest Carrot Grower Turns to Conergy for 3.4-MW System

Grimmway Enterprises Inc., the largest carrot grower in the world, is making its carrots green once again with the Conergy Projects Group. The solar experts at Conergy will install approximately 3.4 MW of solar energy for Grimmway Enterprises in 2012. In late May, Conergy won the rights to install solar energy at five Grimmway production sites located throughout California’s San Joaquin valley. The construction of the first three sites is currently underway and will be completed in 2012. Each facility will produce 1.15 MW of clean renewable energy and totaling approximately 3.4MW. The second phase of installations will be considered at a future date.

Each installation will feature 4,760 Conergy PM 240 Watt solar modules, on three Grimmway carrot farms located in California. The installations will prevent the release of more than six million pounds of harmful CO2 greenhouse gas per year, reduce energy consumption, and save millions in reduced electric costs. This installation enforces the commitment of Clean and Green Awardee Grimmway to advance sustainability, conservation and energy efficiency.

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“We are very happy to support the green initiatives at Grimmway Enterprises,” says Conergy’s Project Development Manager, David Vincent. “Conergy helps Grimmway prevent the emission of greenhouse gases thanks to the solar installation. We are both extremely proud of our previous installations for Grimmway and are pleased to be working with them again.”

Grimmway was impressed with Conergy’s stringent quality and safety standards when working with the Conergy team on its first installation of 250 kW in 2010. John Noland with Grimmway comments, “Conergy is as committed to quality standards and environmental sustainability as we are and that’s one of the reasons we chose Conergy as a partner. We are very happy with the team of Conergy and their local Construction Management partner SC Anderson, their professional attitude, attention to detail and expertise. I expect the additional solar plants to be as successful as the first – completed on time and in budget.”

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