KiloVault’s 4th generation HAB deep-cycle lithium battery is UL 1973 certified


KiloVault, a provider of residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, unveiled the fourth iteration of its HAB series of wall-mount energy storage systems. The HAB V4 provides the same 7.5 kWh of storage, but with several key updates, the most important of which is the HAB V4 is now certified ETL to the UL Standard 1973. Now systems can be approved and installed more quickly in applications that require it.

“This iteration of the HAB, being certified to UL1973, will allow energy storage systems to be approved and installed more quickly, in applications that require it,” says KiloVault Product Development Manager Jose Illidge.

Other important notes:

  • The Battery Management System (BMS) firmware and hardware of the HAB V4 have been updated to allow earlier versions and the V4 to be used together, if expansion to existing battery banks is needed.
  • The communications ports now include a universal connector allowing for easier setup with inverters and other HABs. Integrated CAN bus communications allows all the HABs in your bank to coordinate their charging and discharging, reducing voltage differences between batteries, allowing for a more balanced and efficient energy storage system.

Ideal for expandable energy storage in off-grid or hybrid applications, the HAB integrates with leading inverters. Each HAB contains a non-toxic, thermally stable LiFePO4 battery with UL1642-certified cells. With built-in WiFi and the convenient HAB iT app on iOS and Android, monitoring your battery health and performance is simple. Connecting your HAB to the HAB iT cloud allows it to receive automatic firmware updates.

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