Kentucky’s largest solar project installed with REV Drill’s new Cluster Rock Drills

REV Drill, a U.S. drill manufacturer and drilling equipment supplier based in Maryland, provided its latest rock drilling product offering, specialty drilling equipment and operator training to a client for a large solar project at the E.W. Brown Generating Station in Mercer County, Ky.

The client won a competitive bid from Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company to build Kentucky’s largest photovoltaic facility; 10-MW of electricity, occupying over 50 acres, and 45,000+ solar panels.

Amec Cluster DrillFive REV Drills were used to install the solar foundations. The foundations were 24-in. diameter shafts drilled into solid rock. REV Drill provided the customized drills and tooling for the project as well as on-site training for the clients operators. The drills were outfitted with hydraulically controlled tilting drill masts for effortless leveling of the drill mast to produce plumb holes on any slope or terrain encountered on the jobsite.

The drills were equipped with specialty LP/Cluster rock drill tooling to ensure dependability, accurate hole alignment and accelerated production. The Cluster drills were powered by external, high pressure air compressors providing 1,600 cubic feet per minute of air at 150 lbs per square inch. The Cluster drills are comprised of multiple drilling heads faced with replaceable carbide studs arranged in a 24-in. diameter drill head, which is rotated by the drill. The drill heads fire individually, much like a jack hammer, as they rotate slowly to pulverize the rock and produce a clean drilled shaft.

REV Drill (Revolutionary, Economical, Versatile) is a U.S.-made excavator attachment which is well known in the industry. For over 15 years, REV Drill has been providing drilling solutions for rent or purchase to contractors worldwide. The versatility of a REV Drill allows contractors to perform work like; drilled shafts, caissons, sound wall foundations, temporary shoring, excavation support, solar installations, auger cast piles, rock drilling, tie backs, soil nails, mini piles, and all types of vertical and horizontal anchors and more.

REV Drill designs, builds, sells, and rents economical drilling solutions as well as provides individualized support for every customer including; plan reviews, consultation, operator training, on-site support and a dedicated and knowledgeable sales and service team. REV Drill’s team will engage with client’s estimators, engineers, project managers or owners to review job requirements. This collaboration ensures our clients are getting the right equipment, based on value-engineering, to successfully efficiently complete their jobs.

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