KEMPER: KemTRACK tracking systems

In keeping with the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” the solar industry newcomer KEMPER Solar GmbH will unveil its completely face-lifted KemTRACK solar tracking systems to American trade experts. In addition to modified module surfaces ranging from 70 to 125 sq m, members of the trade will have the opportunity in Dallas to find out about the improved control mechanism and optimized stability of the dual-axis trackers. KEMPER Solar’s participation in the US trade show is part of the successful internationalization strategy being pursued by the Vreden-based company, which this year won contracts from Israel and Greece. KEMPER Solar will be presenting its solar innovations at Solar Power International at the Dallas Convention Center at booth 5459.

Thanks to up to more than 40 percent greater energy yield than fixed installations and the consequent optimized use of the available space, KemTRACK solar trackers make a significant contribution to the energy supply in urban areas. Unlike fixed systems, dual-axis solar trackers allow for energy generation at any time of the day, such that a high, even and planable electricity supply is obtained. This is particularly advantageous in markets such as the United States where electricity prices vary greatly depending on the time of day. But classic fixed solar installations do not deliver their maximum output in the afternoon in particular, when electricity prices are the highest.

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The new trackers will strengthen KEMPER Solar’s reputation as an innovative SME provider. To this end, the 70 to 125 sq m dual-axis trackers were completely face-lifted. Thanks to largely automated manufacturing using welding robots, plus low material use, KEMPER Solar has been able to price these devices attractively, while still enhancing their stability. The heart of each tracker is a central support tube with an integrated elevation drive, which optimizes force distribution across the entire module surface.

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