JinkoSolar, LONGi, JA Solar agree on standard specs for 182mm wafer solar modules

LONGi bifacial tracker module
LONGi bifacial tracker module.

Large-scale solar’s future is large-format modules, but the lack of a standard wafer size and frame specs has impacted downstream suppliers. Three Chinese solar panel makers want to change that, agreeing to standardize on the 182mm (M10) wafer size to smooth industry supply chain challenges and simplify design and installation.

JinkoSolar, LONGi and JA Solar have agreed on the following in a joint statement:

  • 54-cell modules: 1,722 mm1,134 mm, with mounting hole spacing: 1,400 mm;
  • 72-cell modules: 2,278 mm1,134 mm, with mounting hole spacing: 400 mm, 1,400 mm;
  • 78-cell modules: 2,465 mm * 1,134 mm with mounting hole spacing: 400 mm, 1,200 mm/1,500 mm

“Since the joint launch of the M10-type wafer standard by JA Solar, Jinko Solar and Longi Solar, in June 2020, the wafer size has been gaining widespread recognition and acceptance in the PV industry,” the statement reads. “However, due to the differences in the technical roadmap, design concept and installation mode followed by different manufacturers, the standards of the same type of modules vary in their lengths, widths and mounting hole spacings despite being based on the same M10 wafer technology.”

A similar movement to standardize on 210mm wafers is being led by TrinaSolar.

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