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Install of 1-MW Winery Solar Power System Begins in Oregon

King Estate Winery, an Oregon producer of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, is teaming up with SolarCity, a national leader in solar power design, financing, installation, monitoring and energy efficiency services, as well as Lane Electric Co-op and Advanced Energy Systems, to install the largest solar power system at a winery in the Pacific Northwest. Construction on the King Estate 973.84 kW solar system is slated to begin this month.
This King Estate solar power system is a collaboration between several partners: Advanced Energy Systems, which developed the project; SolarCity, which provided financing and integration support; and Lane Electric as the utility partner. The system’s 4,144 solar panels are expected to eliminate more than 38 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years. This amount is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 3,381 passenger cars or 1.9 million gallons of gasoline.* The King Estate solar power system is large enough to offset the annual power usage of approximately 100 residential homes.*
“Our philosophy is rooted in sustainable agriculture and environmentally-conscious business practices, as evidenced by our dedication to organic farming. Installing a large-scale solar power system is a natural progression for us,” said Ed King, CEO & co-founder of King Estate. “With SolarCity and Lane Electric’s support, we are able to demonstrate to the wine industry that sustainable practices are not only environmentally sound, but also make business sense.”

“King Estate is a true leader in sustainable and organic agriculture,” said Rob Lavigne, SolarCity’s regional director in Oregon. “By collaborating with multiple partners, we are trying to do our part in making clean energy an affordable option for businesses committed to protecting the natural environment.”

Lane Electric Co-op is also exploring the potential for incorporating additional solar, wave, geothermal, landfill gasification and other green resources into their resource portfolio. These resources will help solidify Lane Electric’s future power supply needs and assist them in meeting the State of Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standards.

“The idea of renewable energy is not at all new for Lane Electric. This project is very exciting in that it dovetails perfectly with Lane Electric’s mission and vision for renewable energy as we look to the future. It is good for our members, the co-op and the environment,” notes Rick Crinklaw, general manager for Lane Electric.

Visitors can check out the solar system for themselves and sample King Estate’s critically acclaimed wines by visiting the tasting room 20 miles southwest of Eugene, Ore. Location and directions are available at www.kingestate.com.

*Based on estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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