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How this Roof Maxx spray can extend asphalt roofing life, ease customer fears

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The solar company’s sales challenge has been homeowners’ reluctance to install solar panels over a roof that may fail in the years ahead, forcing them to pay the cost of removal and reinstallation, in addition to a roof repair. Roof Maxx provides the solution.

Nate Anderson started the first Roof Maxx dealership in the Grand Junction/Fruita/Western Slope, Colorado region April 1, 2019. To date, the dealership has sold and installed 30 jobs, reporting accelerated growth each month. Anderson revealed a new partnership that promises to accelerate the Grand Junction dealership’s business growth exponentially. Working with Atlasta Solar is providing a value add that accelerates sales for the solar company as well as Roof Maxx.

“My approach is simply to educate homeowners,” Nate explains. “The roof is the most expensive system built in to a house, and yet it’s the area that gets the least attention.”

Roof Maxx

“I take sample shingles and demonstrate the application process to homeowners,” he says, “to show them how the liquid soy compound penetrates the shingles and gives them renewed flexibility, pliability and life expectancy. Once we get their attention, homeowners see the need for a preventive roof treatment that will stand the test of time, not to mention Colorado’s climate, and save them a lot of maintenance cost in the long run.”


Anderson says the numbers are easy to crunch, to show homeowners how much more cost effective the Roof Maxx rejuvenation solution can be, in the long run. “A Roof Maxx treatment, ahead of installation of solar panels, preserves a roof and eliminates the need for removal and reinstallation, at a cost of $1,500 – $2,500. The Roof Maxx treatment can eliminate the need for an even costlier roof repair.”

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