How Southwire Co. supports sustainability in variety of ways

Southwire Company’s Energy Division connects with the customers and industries it serves in more ways than you might think. A leader in technology and innovation, Southwire Company, LLC is North America’s largest wire and cable producer. The company and its subsidiaries manufacture utility wire and cable, building wire and cable, industrial power cable, OEM wire products, SCR copper and aluminum rod and continuous casting technology.

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How the company achieves these connections can be found in its just-released 2014 sustainability report, “Strong. Sustainable. Southwire.” It’s the first time Southwire has aligned its report with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

“Our Energy Division partners with customers to deliver innovative sustainability solutions that demonstrate the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and safety for our industry,” said Southwire Chief Executive Officer Stu Thorn. “Our customers’ sustainability goals are very important to us and are at the center of everything we do.”

Customer Safety and Sustainability

The Energy Division treats all of its employees and customers like family by demonstrating a commitment to safety and wellbeing that extends beyond the workplace and into the communities it serves. One way the division does this is by using the experience gained through its 11 OHSA VPP Star sites as a foundation to mentor other companies improving their safety performance.

The report also shows how the Energy Division collaborates with top suppliers through its Supplier Sustainability Program. Program participants complete an annual survey and the division conducts periodic on-site audits of sustainability practices and management systems at those companies.

Southwire met its 2014 goal of auditing 20 percent of participating. In 2015, the company aims to audit an additional 50 percent of participating suppliers. Ultimately, Southwire seeks to audit 100 percent of the 25 suppliers in the program by the end of 2016.

The Energy Division has a passion for sustainability that drives it to integrate environmental responsibility into the core of its products and operations. The division has worked aggressively to improve its operational eco-efficiency and develop innovative ways to package its products. One example the division’s encouragement of its customers to return recyclable cable reels. In 2014, Southwire was able to collect and recycle 18,669 used reels.

The 2014 sustainability report also shows that the division has attained several operational and safety accomplishments. Here are two exceptional achievements:

• All manufacturing plants supporting the division have diverted 100 percent of their waste from landfills, making them zero-landfill facilities.

• One third of those plants have achieved Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star status through the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA).

Looking forward

The Energy Division already is looking at ways to improve upon its sustainability goals and objectives.

“We’ve made great strides in sustainability, but where we’re going is more important than where we’ve come from,” Thorn said.


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