Horizon Solar Power adds division just to forge more strategic alliances in community

Horizon Solar Power (HSP), California’s leading installer of top-of-the-line solar electric systems for residential and commercial buildings, has announced the formation of its Alliances & Partnerships division launched earlier this year to identify and create strategic affiliations with business Chambers, retailers, auto dealers, businesses, professionals, municipalities, schools, faith based organizations and other sports and social groups. The program was developed specifically to provide more affordable access to solar energy by offering discounted pricing and first year savings benefits to members, employees, customers and others affiliated with each respective partner organization. Alliances & Partnerships also fosters increased knowledge of solar power’s unique advantages, while making it more readily available to residents of California.

Horison solar powerWith an initial rollout that began during the first quarter of 2016, and focusing on introducing the new channel to Chamber of Commerce and professional business organizations, the Alliances & Partnerships has now transitioned into a fully launched program that will expand its reach to a variety of markets and businesses, such as HVAC contractors, residential remodelers, homeowner insurance agencies, energy efficiency consultants and building performance contractors, among others.

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The Alliances & Partnerships division will aim to expand the appeal of solar power by working with businesses and organizations to provide their affiliates with exclusive incentives. These unique benefits include a 10 percent discount on the cost of the solar system, a $1,000 first year savings guarantee, a referral program that allows existing customers to earn cash rewards for referring new customers, as well as lease and financing options to fit various personal budgets.

“As the region’s most trusted provider of solar power, Horizon Solar Power is deeply committed to ensuring that as many individuals and businesses as possible are made aware of its benefits and are able to go solar easily and affordably,” said Regina Marston, Senior Director of Community Engagement for Horizon Solar Power. “Alliances & Partnerships member incentives will serve to make sure that each organization is able to provide increased value to its affiliates, while making the goal of cheaper and cleaner energy a reality for residents and businesses throughout Southern California and beyond.”

As a trusted advisor, HSP will also provide each partner with access to a co-branded online portal that will serve to provide potential buyers with all the information needed to make an informed decision, including an examination of their own energy use and how solar power can help them save money and make an impact on the environment.

As the Alliances and Partnerships program continues to grow and evolve throughout the year, it will continue to expand its reach to include additional partnerships with multiple community-based organizations, social clubs, conservation and faith-based organizations. By the end of 2016, HSP will further expand the program to begin educating additional markets on the use of solar power, including school and university-based organizations, as well as professional and college sport teams.

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