Gripple adds above ground cabling system to solar product line


Gripple continues to products to serve the solar industry. The UK manufacturer launched into solar with stabilizing systems, and this week, added a product range aimed at increasing both build stage and O&M efficiency for EPCs, contractors and developers.

The CR-System range includes lightweight above ground cable routing devices that are able to hold 1170 6mm2 of cables and have the potential to be stacked to increase capacity. Manufactured from polycarbonate UV Stabilized corrosion-resistant material, their free-air position can assist at design stage to de-rate and reduce the CSA on cabling used, providing further savings on project costs opposed to traditional trenching.

“We’re constantly developing new solutions in response to feedback from our clients around the world in different industries,” stated product manager Dean Barlow. “Having already seen a great response to our Solar anchoring and bracing systems for frame stability and bi-facial security solutions, we are excited about our new range of cable routing solutions, which is already getting positive feedback from EPCs globally.

Traditionally, cables are buried underground which requires heavy plant machinery and expensive operations and can present difficulties in maintenance and repairs. The elements, wildlife and ground conditions can make underground cabling unpredictable and difficult to control.

“Therefore, there has been a trend to explore over-ground options which are easier to access and simpler to install,” Barlow says. “With the right system, overground cables can also provide greater control and peace of mind, as overground cables are also much easier to locate, visually assess, access and maintain than those buried beneath the ground.”

Early indications are that this will be Gripple’s best-selling solar range, with orders currently in place for large scale utility projects in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

Gripple is a 100 percent employee-owned company which also provides solutions for construction, civil engineering, utilities, agricultural, landscaping and seismic bracing applications.

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