Get to know Gripple’s new solar product line: bracing kits, bifacial stability and cable management

solar bracing kit

Gripple, a wire joining and tensioning systems manufacturer, is now applying its long track record and engineering experience in the solar industry, as we reported in September. The UK-based company is officially launching this new range of accessories built specifically to secure and stabilize solar farms, including:

  • frame stability,
  • cable management and
  • bifacial-securing products

“We have applied the advanced technology which has been highly successful in other industries to the solar market,” stated Dean Barlow, product manager at Gripple.

Gripple’s goal was to develop greener, safer, and simpler to install systems. Its bracing kit, for example (pictured above), offers an alternative to heavy steelwork, using zinc aluminium coated cables and wire tensioning devices. The lightweight solution involves less packaging, a reduced transport space and negates the need for on-site machinery making it a contender for hard-to-reach, rough or remote places.

In areas with restricted depths, such as brownfields, landfills and rocky ground, the lightweight anchoring can reduce the size of deep piles and act as a secondary foundation, ideal for difficult terrains.

High loads can be managed with minimal disturbance, overcoming uplift, movement and overturning. This less invasive method also means land can be quickly and easily remediated if the structures are removed.

Above ground data and power cable management, as an alternative to trenching, has been developed for easier access and greater visibility for maintenance without the need for digging and soil disturbance.

Gripple cable hangers

The corrosion-resistant CR System Hangers are designed to increase the life of cables and carry high loads, while being lightweight and easy to transport and install. With a life of around 30 years, they can be stacked to allow more capacity.

Gripple’s alternative to securing bifacial matting is an anchoring solution that offers uplift capabilities, a durable lifespan and is quick-to-install.

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