Google dips into solar industry with Project Sunroof (good or bad idea?)

As part of its ongoing attempt to take over the world (or something like that) Google announced the launch of Project Sunroof. This world domination plan might benefit the residential solar market as it is using Google Maps data to calculate whether or not someone is a good candidate for solar panels (looking at location, roof size and shape, nearby trees or other buildings). The service will even connect users to nearby solar panel installers, hopefully primed ready to take that next step.

The project is limited in geographic scope at the moment, but this is Google, so things could scale up quickly if the concept proves itself. For the industry’s sake, hopefully Project Sunroof is making accurate calculations on the backend because as we’ve seen in other examples (like this case study from OutBack Power or this off-the-roof residential install) developers are getting creative (don’t forget the SolarCity model). Projects have potential beyond what has always been typical, and hopefully this attempt to cast a wider net provides that accurate picture of what’s possible for curious homeowners.


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