Generac’s PWRcell systems can form virtual power plants, become grid assets

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Generac Power Systems‘ line of home standby generators, commercial and industrial generators, and its PWRcell solar + battery storage systems are being manufactured and offered as Smart Grid Ready through Generac’s Enbala Concerto platform. This energy-balancing platform gives energy retailers and utilities the flexibility to operate distributed energy assets in real-time and better manage their escalating complexities in virtual power plants (VPP) — while compensating homeowners accordingly.

“Through this integration, Generac customers – residential, commercial, industrial and solar – are now capable of making major contributions to grid reliability, resiliency and sustainability,” said Aaron Jagdfeld, president and chief executive officer of Generac. “Climate change and an aging electrical grid are making power outages and power shortages more frequent and longer lasting. With Smart Grid Ready, consumers can play a key role in being part of the solution. In addition to the peace of mind that they’re receiving from Generac products, customers have the opportunity to obtain additional return on investment by leveraging their Generac units to contribute energy to the grid, support grid stability and receive payment for their excess power.”

Utilizing the new Enbala Concerto platform, Generac’s specially designated Smart Grid Ready products become distributed energy resources (DERs), which smoothly form VPPs– collections of DERs capable of augmenting the grid services provided by traditional power generation. Not only do the DERs provide backup power to homes and businesses in the event of an outage, but they also enable the sale of power back to the grid in times of peak demand, which reduces the amount of strain on the grid and offsets a portion of asset owners’ monthly energy expenses.

“Through this new offering, Generac is proud to have the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution – one that combines solar, battery storage, generators and load management,” said Russ Minick, president of Generac’s Energy Technology business group and chief marketing officer. “We’ve taken segmented energy assets that would normally be complicated to connect and brought them together in a seamless fashion. Otherwise dormant backup power can now easily and quickly come online, creating a win-win for all – utilities achieve a cleaner grid with improved reliability and reduced cost-to-serve, while end customers receive direct financial incentives and a more stable grid for participating in VPPs.”

Current PWRcell and home standby generator customers will also be able to access Generac’s Concerto platform through a firmware update. The update will provide existing users with all the same DER capabilities arriving standard on new products.

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