FuturaSun debuts Velvet, its first HJT bifacial solar module

Velvet: FuturaSun’s first range of heterojunction products

Italian solar module supplier FuturaSun debuted its first heterojunction technology (HJT) n-type bifacial solar module this week. Dubbed Velvet, this HJT technology combines crystalline silicon with silicon based thin film to absorb more energy and reach higher performance (higher than the PERC modules). In addition, the layers of Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) make the cell more uniform, enhancing the module’s aesthetics from both sides.

Thanks to the cell’s bifacial structure, the Velvet module captures the light from the front and back to increase system performance by up to 30% more than a single-sided module. The bifaciality factor of the Velvet module results circa 15% higher than the standard value of a bifacial module based on the PERC technology.

The glass-glass structure ensures high load-bearing capacity, strong mechanical stability, and exceptional resistance to weather agents.

Velvet Pro | The Velvet Pro range features a glass-glass structure with 120 or 144 HJT MMB half-cut cells (166 mm – M6). These cells are laminated and framed in 1755 x 1038 mm, and weigh 23.5 kg. The rated power of this range can reach 400 Wp in just 1.82 sq.m.

The Velvet Pro range stands out for its high efficiency (22%) and low temperature coefficient (-0.26%/°C), thus ensuring high performance even at high temperatures. At the end of the first year, the guaranteed power is 99%, which will slightly drop during the second year by 0.4 %/year. Therefore, after 30 years, performance will be at 88%.

This stability is also due to the new module’s cells, which are Light Induced Degradation (LID)-resistant since the N-Type cells are doped with phosphorus and not boron.

The balance between rated power, dimensions, environmental impact, and high performance makes Velvet the ideal module for residential and commercial settings. Velvet is perfect on large flat roofs with reflecting surfaces, photovoltaic shelters, and architectural façades.

Velvet Premium Max | FuturaSun offers also the bifacial modules for industrial and utility-scale PV systems: Velvet Premium Max consists of 120 or 132 HJT MMB half-cut cells (210 mm – G12) with a rated power of up to 700 Wp. Velvet Premium Max helps optimize BoS and reduce LCOE since its efficiency and bifaciality generate more energy for the same installation cost as a standard module.

For the whole Velvet range, FuturaSun offers a 30-year performance warranty.

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