Fueling an Indycar with solar energy (kind of)

solar indycar

Image via TerraSmart website.

OK, so Indycar driver Stefan Wilson isn’t literally fueling his vehicle with solar energy, but Wilson’s enthusiasm for clean energy inspired him to launch a #THINKSOLAR campaign to bring about ecological awareness inside the racing world. Promoting reduced levels of CO2 at an Indycar race might seem an odd juxtaposition, but that is perhaps precisely the place for a message like Wilson’s to stand out and make an impact.

We learned about Wilson’s passion from this great post on the TerraSmart website:

The Indy 500 has served as an innovation showcase for the automotive industry for decades, rolling out advances like turbo-charging into mainstream motor vehicles and more. But, times are changing and racing is too. Stefan believes it’s time to see solar-powered paddocks, pit lanes and tech hubs. With gasoline generators currently powering nearly every garage on the track, Stefan’s desire to revolutionize the sport with clean energy solutions could not be more timely as solar power is becoming more accessible every day.

I recommend heading to their site to check out the full story. The guy has a lot of great ideas for spreading the solar gospel in this fossil fuel world.

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