FTC Solar adds 1P solar tracker that allows for ground screw mounting

FTC Solar

Solar tracker and engineering services provider FTC Solar is debuting one module in portrait (1P) Solar Tracker Solution at RE+ they are calling Pioneer. The Pioneer design will also allow for the use of ground screw mounting systems to overcome challenging sub-surface conditions.

“Pioneer achieves a full 18%-36% pile count reduction per megawatt vs. the current industry-leading solutions by volume,” said Nagendra Cherukupalli, Chief Technology Officer of FTC Solar. “Pioneer enables up to 5% greater energy output for the same site compared to the competition, among numerous other advantages.”

In conjunction with the launch, Primoris Renewable Energy agreed to a multi-year agreement with FTC to supply at least 500 MW of its solar tracker technology for multiple project sites in the U.S.

Some Pioneer attributes

  • Zero-degree stow allows for shorter pile embedment depth
  • A proprietary fast-module hang technology and fewer overall fasteners also save installation time.
  • The system accommodates wide format modules with no torque tube dimpling or through-bolts required to index the module to the tube. This allows for module changes and retrofits.
  • 17.5% north-south tracker row allowance

In addition, Pioneer will operate independently from the grid during outages and is self-powered with a high-energy battery for up to 3-days overall backup, offering increased energy resilience.

Pioneer has undergone rigorous wind tunnel testing by an independent engineering firm RWDI to assure structural and torsional stability in wind conditions up to 120mph. In addition, Pioneer’s torque tube shape allows for longer spans, improved torsional rigidity, and positive alignment of components without the need for torque tube penetrations.

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