Fronius Symo Advanced inverters now UL 3741 certified with PanelClaw, IronRidge

Fronisu Symo

The Fronius Symo Advanced inverters are UL 3741* certified for use with two racking manufacturers, IronRidge BX and PanelClawFR. UL 3741 is a path to comply with the NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown inside the array boundary requirement without adding module-level shutdown equipment.

With this certification, module level rapid shutdown devices are no longer required on PV systems when using Fronius Symo Advanced inverters in combination with the following racking systems, as long as you follow the racking manufacturer’s installation instructions for PVHCS System listing found within the racking manufacturers addendum for UL 3741.:

  • clawFR 5 degree (PanelClaw)
  • clawFR 10 degree (PanelClaw)
  • Dual tilt flat roof (PanelClaw)
  • BX Ballast System (IronRidge)

The UL 3741 PVHCS (PV Hazard Control System) is one of two ways to comply to rapid shutdown of PV systems on buildings for the inside of the array boundary. When installing the Fronius Symo Advanced inverters within 1 foot of the array boundary, the inverter becomes part of the array, allowing for compliance with the inside and outside of the array boundary.

With the combination of PanelClaw’s and IronRidge’s wire management solution, you will save time on installation, 3 to 5 cents per watt on CAPEX, and provide a higher reliability for the system due to no longer needing module level shutdown devices.

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