Five regional residential solar installers combine to form new national player Lumio


A new national player has emerged on the residential solar scene. Led by serial entrepreneur Greg Butterfield, Lumio, formally launched earlier this month — a combination of five established residential solar providers: Atlantic Key Energy, DECA, LIFT Energy, Our World Energy, and Smart Energy Today.

Current market trends support the timeliness of Lumio’s approach. While reports indicate conditions are growing more challenging for the largest installers, smaller regional providers are rising and thriving. Interest and investment in home improvement is reaching record highs in 2021.

Each company is a leader in their respective markets in customer satisfaction and time-to-install. In a period in which the solar industry’s average install time is 60-90 days, Lumio’s average install time – with high customer satisfaction – is less than 30 days. In some cases, it is less than 10 days.

As of its formal launch, Lumio already has a 12-month run rate of more than $1 billion in gross sales. With more than 3,500 team members across 37 states, Lumio continues to identify top industry companies and individual performers to join their growing roster of partners and key employees.

How it started. Butterfield immediately saw he shared values with co-founder and Lumio CEO, Jonathan Gibbs (with Smart Energy Today).

“I’ve seen the future and it’s led by those willing to hyper-focus on creating delight at every customer touchpoint,” said Butterfield. “Jonathan (Gibbs) and our Lumio team are driven by this purpose. We know that when we lead with customer delight, the success and longevity will follow.”

Butterfield and Gibbs have carefully crafted a team at Lumio with some of the top performers in software and technology. Likewise, each of the five U.S. regional solar companies – now inside Lumio – bring a knack for customer experience, supply chain, sales, fulfillment and best-in-class operations.

“Speed is the currency of solar,” according to CEO Jonathan Gibbs. “The future leaders of this industry will ultimately find a way to reliably complete installs in seven days or less while elevating the customer experience.”

Lumio is also answering customers’ desires to implement multiple home improvements such as new roofs, battery backup systems and smart technology upgrades as integrated purchases at the same time – on the same loan – with install times well ahead of industry norms.

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