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Five predictions for the U.S. residential solar market via Freedom Forever

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Freedom Forever is one of the fastest growing residential solar finance and installation companies. The Temecula, California-based company doubled its revenues in 2018 (topping the $100 million mark), and has installed 26 MW on more than 10,000 homes in California, Arizona and Nevada in 2018 to date. They must be doing something right, which is why we were curous about their predictions for the coming year in the solar industry.

Here are some 2019 solar energy predictions from the team at Freedom Forever.

Better Looking Solar Tech

Home solar is on the rise, and for 2019 home solar systems will be looking better than ever! We expect technologies like all glass panels, panel skins and frameless panels hit the market and make solar panels blend more seamlessly into the home and deliver more curb appeal than ever before.

More Loans, Fewer PPAs

A recent report from analyst firm Wood Mackenzie validated what we’ve been seeing for quite some time – solar customers are choosing to finance and own their solar systems more frequently than they’re choosing leases or PPAs. We expect this trend to continue in 2019, especially as customers seek to take full advantage of the Investment Tax Credit before it begins being phased out at the end of the year.

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More Excitement Around Renewables

With talk of a “Green New Deal” being bandied about the halls of Congress plus states and cities committing to bold renewable energy goals, we expect renewable energy to be a hot topic. More homeowners are going to find the idea of going solar attractive and they’ll seek to get in on the trend.

Smarter, More Transparent Solar Systems

The Venn diagram of home solar customers and smart home customers shows a fairly significant crossover. We know that customers want to know how their systems are performing to ensure they’re getting maximum value. We expect 2019 to bring smart solar systems to markets that give homeowners access to data and insights via smartphone or web apps – something Freedom Forever pioneered with our proprietary customer web portal.

Storage Solutions Are In Demand – and Prices May Fall

Between the adoption of electric vehicles and homeowners looking to stay off the grid 24/7, we’re seeing increased interest in batteries and other storage solutions. There’s a lot room left for innovation in terms of capacity and price. We expect to see improvements in both these areas, driven by market demand plus state and city level efforts to move towards a more sustainable future.

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