FireRaptor update: First-ever AFCI certification with Fronius PRIMO inverter range

Fire Raptor UL-PVRSS-Listing

The IMO FireRaptor is the first ever NEC2017 and NEC2020 compliant module level rapid shutdown product tested and certified for AFCI interference under UL’s PVRSS certification with the Fronius PRIMO inverter range. This means FireRaptor is the first NEC 2017 & 2020 Module Level Rapid Shutdown product to be tested for UL’s new AFCI compatibility requirements under PVRSS listings.

AFCI interference has been a concern within some solar industry circles as the use of MLPE devices, Power Line Communications and other similar technology has become more prevalent. With those concerns in mind, UL began developing AFCI testing requirements for Rapid Shutdown PVRSS certified components and IMO has been the first company to submit and achieve certification in accordance with these new requirements as part of its PVRSS certification with the Fronius PRIMO inverter range.

“This new development allows us to ensure confidence to prospective consumers when selecting the IMO FireRaptor for a potential installation,” commented Joe Covington, IMO’s General Manager of its North American operations. “No matter which inverter or charge controller is chosen, the FireRaptor truly is an agnostic device.”

How it works

The FireRaptor is designed to be installed at solar panel level and provides safety shutdown of the DC supply to ZERO volts in case of emergency. Shutdown is initiated in 3 ways – Manual Operation by way of an emergency shutdown switch (which can be conveniently located at ground level for easy access), AC Supply Cut-Off, or a Temperature Rise Trigger.

The FireRaptor operates in the same way as a disconnect switch, making the FireRaptor compatible with all string inverters, and does not affect their operation or performance in any way. Additionally, the FireRaptor has been designed for fail-safe operation ensuring that once operated, subsequent damage to the FireRaptor (e.g. by fire) will not compromise the solar panel isolation and shutdown status. Indeed, the FireRaptor has been tested to destruction by TUV in Germany, maintaining full zero volt isolation throughout the test procedure.

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