Eclipsall Announces First Commercial PV Project in United States

Eclipsall Energy announced its first commercial solar PV project in the United States. The project is a roof mounted 123-kW installation at a private girls school in Lakewood, N.J.

“This project marks an important step in the growth of the company. We are excited to be entering the U.S. market,” said Les Lyster, CEO of Eclipsall.

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The project, which will take three weeks to complete, will use Eclipsall black-on-black 72 cell modules integrated with the Tigo optimizer. The project will encompass eight arrays of PV panels situated on various aspects of the school’s roof. Eclipsall welcomes Green Power Developers, LLC to the project. The New Jersey based firm will be responsible for the overall construction and installation.

When complete the solar roof will supply the facility with clean energy to fulfill up to 85 percent of its electricity consumption. Eclipsall management is confident that the project will demonstrate to other facilities that the timing is right for development and implementation of solar power technology.

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