DSD and T-Mobile partner on 17 MWs of community solar projects


T-Mobile is now working with DSD Renewables on three community solar projects, supporting the carrier’s efforts to combat climate change and become even more sustainable. With this agreement, T-Mobile continues its commitment to 100% renewable electricity, which it signed in 2018, becoming the first major U.S. telecom to do so.  

“Working with a leader in corporate ESG, such as T-Mobile, has been an honor,” says Eric Pollock, Chief Commercial Officer at DSD. “We’re excited to continue growing this partnership and to support T-Mobile in its quest to further expand its renewables footprint and bring even more benefits to local communities.”

Totaling at 17MWs, the projects are expected to produce 23,069,833 kWh in the first year, enough to power 2,970 homes and offset the equivalent of 16,349 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The three community solar sites are located in New York, in the towns of Richland (2.63 MW), Aldrich (6.95 MW) and Silver Creek (7.5 MW). The Richland site is operational, with the two other sites expected to be operational in Q1 2022.

“T-Mobile has set a high bar for corporate environmental leadership, and with these three projects, we’re bringing them closer to their renewable energy goals,” says Sarah Moon, Director of Community Solar Originations at DSD. “We look forward to working with T-Mobile to facilitate more community solar projects and expand their renewables footprint and leadership in the corporate ESG landscape.”

“T-Mobile is a leader in the transition to a sustainable future and partnerships like ours with DSD will only grow our impact,” says Chad Wilkerson, Director of Sustainability and Infrastructure Sourcing at T-Mobile. “Community solar projects play an important role in creating a sustainable future. These projects not only help us in reducing our environmental impact, but they will also bring new clean energy benefits to local communities and organizations.”

NRG served as the RFP consultant for T-Mobile, which selected DSD on the strength of its community solar portfolio. DSD will be the long-term owner of the projects.

The partnership between DSD and T-Mobile is expected to continue, with plans for T-Mobile to serve as an offtaker for additional projects currently under development with DSD.

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