DEGERtrackers fill out massive Solar Gardens project in Canada


Since the start of the construction of Solar Gardens in Ontario, Canada, more than 1,900 DEGERtracker D100 systems (20 MWp) have already been successfully installed. A further 300 DEGERtracker D100 systems (4 MWp) will be released in the coming weeks and make the conclusion of the project portfolio. This project is particularly cool because the Solar Gardens are in 36 different locations in the Canadian province of Ontario, all together with the latest technology of DEGER. The number of installed systems in each solar park varied between 30 to 60 DEGERtrackers.

The sensor-controlled tracking systems of DEGERenergie are optimally equipped for Canadian weather. Unique to these systems are the advantages in cloudy and snowy conditions. When the amount of cloud cover is high, solar modules can achieve the highest yield in horizontal position, and snow is handled in a way that is specific to tracking solar installations.

In contrast to fixed systems, each DEGERtracker has a snow sensor that continuously measures the snow accumulation. When snow covers the solar modules, the DEGERtracker will be moved to the maximum vertical position so that snow and ice slides down. After the modules are freed from snow, the MLD*sensor moves the DEGERtracker back into the most advantageous position. Because of the sensor, tracking systems of DEGERenergie the Solar Gardens in Canada will achieve a higher yield even in the winter months.

“The successful implementation of the individual Solar Garden projects required excellent organization from all stakeholders. Through the good teamwork of DEGER Germany and the establishment DEGER Canada Inc. each project could be implemented efficiently. Because of the Canadian office in Ontario, the DEGER team can offer a high level of service and on-site support. To serve the North American market better and to expand the service quality the DEGER Canada Inc. team will grow up and advance new projects. The MLD technology ‘made in Germany ‘ created a sensation and enjoys an excellent reputation amongst experts. After the enormous resonance, further projects in North America are in the development stage.” says Adam Jan Glapiak – Area Sales Manager North America.

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