Clip considerations for wiring MLPE-based solar PV systems

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Like every aspect of a solar installation, using parts intended for your location and application is key. When designing and implementing wire management solutions, make sure you are using parts specifically designed for MLPE projects that take into consideration differing wire sizes for microinverters and DC optimizers from the rest of your system. This prevents wire damage that can cause ground faults and other expensive repairs throughout the system’s life.

Clips that can accommodate both wire sizes allow for fewer purchased components and fewer installed parts as well. If ground faults or other issues arise that require inspecting and tracing wires, using products that help organize these wires saves time in identifying and correcting the fault, resulting in lower repair costs and an increased output from your system — both having large impacts on the system’s return on investment.

Also, using wire management solutions made from materials that are designed for the 20+ years of a solar system’s lifespan will reduce other corrective O&M costs versus those that will need to be replaced. When selecting materials, the installer must consider environmental concerns such as UV exposure, heat cycling, humidity, impact resistance and precipitation. All of those will have an effect on what materials are best suited for the project. There are many component warranties, including warranties for wire management, giving system owners peace of mind knowing that these products will not only last the life of the system but also continue to perform as intended.

By Patrick Johnson, renewable and focus markets sales manager, Heyco.

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