Cliff House Maine signs on to Nautilus community solar program

Cliff house maine owners
Nancy White of Cliff House Maine and Chris Neilson of Nautilus Solar Energy announce the luxury hotel’s commitment to sustainability with a community solar enrollment through Nautilus Community Solar.

Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC and Cliff House Maine are partnering in Nautilus’s community solar program, which allows residents, municipalities and businesses like the luxury hotel Cliff House Maine to subscribe to shared community solar gardens without the need for solar panels on their property. The long-term agreement to participate in the Nautilus community solar program is part of Cliff House Maine’s broader efforts to support clean energy development and initiatives.

As a subscriber to one of Nautilus’s 17 community solar projects throughout the state, Cliff House Maine will realize significant savings through the discounted credits applied to its electric bills.

“We are excited for our partnership with Cliff House Maine and thrilled that they have chosen to be a subscriber to one of our community solar projects,” said Eric LaMora, Director of Community Solar of Nautilus Solar Energy. “As someone who grew up in York, it makes me very happy to be able to work in a field and for a company that values providing an equitable and affordable renewable energy choice. All of these factors strengthen the community,” added Chris Neilson, Community Solar Business Development Analyst of Nautilus Solar Energy.

“Cliff House is mindful and supportive of community solar projects and other clean energy initiatives which offer alternative fuels,” said Nancy White, Managing Director of Cliff House Maine. “Utility costs continue to grow; and this collaboration will help taper the expenses. More importantly, we appreciate serving as stewards of the environment on the majestic Bald Head Cliff and Atlantic Ocean. This is one of many sustainability initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Thanks to Maine’s Net Energy Billing (NEB) program, which was amended in June 2019 by Governor Mills, community solar makes it possible for every Mainer, especially low- and moderate-income consumers, local businesses, and municipalities to participate in and benefit from local renewable energy.

Community solar projects are small-scale solar installations typically located on brownfield developments, farms, or even large rooftops. The property owner can earn income by leasing the land for solar panels, and community residents, local businesses and non-profit organizations can choose to subscribe free of charge to the project, earning electrical credits on their energy bill for their share of the power produced. This credit equates to a guaranteed discount on their electric bill. No rooftop installations are required and there is no financial obligation to receive the solar power benefits.

The Nautilus team is currently inviting customers to subscribe to one of its community solar projects located in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec, Knox, Oxford, Penobscot, Somerset, and York counties.

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