Check out Austin’s largest rooftop solar array (via Freedom Solar)

Austin Freedom solar rooftop

Freedom Solar Power inaugurated the largest rooftop solar installation in Central Texas at the Strictly Pediatrics Surgery Center in Mueller at a festive celebration June 18.

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Comprised of nearly 2,500 high-efficiency solar panels from SunPower, the 812-kW system designed and installed by Freedom Solar Power includes two solar canopy structures on the parking garage, a roof-mounted solar array on the building, and an in-lobby monitoring system that shows the energy savings in real time.

Because medical centers operate 24 hours per day every day and much of their equipment runs on electrical power, they are some of the largest users of electricity in their communities. The solar installation is expected to generate more than 1.2 million kWh of electricity per year, enough to offset 50 percent of Strictly Pediatrics’ energy needs. Strictly Pediatrics will not own the renewable energy credits associated with the system.


Freedom Solar Power is a SunPower Master Dealer, the only company with that distinction in Texas.

“We have been looking for innovative ways to strategically manage our energy and help the environment,” says Dr. Mark Smith, founder of Strictly Pediatrics. “As health care professionals, we strive to promote good health and a healthy environment in the community. We’re thrilled with the addition of alternative energy to our facility, and we couldn’t be happier with Freedom Solar Power’s work and service on this project from start through completion.”

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