BYD and inverter partners top HWT’s energy storage efficiency rankings

BYD battery test results

For the fifth consecutive time, the Battery-Box system by BYD Co. Ltd., ranked among the most efficient energy storage systems in the evaluation by Berlin-based HTW (Berliner Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft). Together with inverter partners such as GoodWe, Fronius and KACO, the Battery-Box system secured 5 of the 6 top positions in the ranking, and was the only system to secure top positions in the ranking for both 5 kWp and 10 kWp systems. Complete survey results here.

HTW System Performance Index (SPI). The evaluation is based on the System Performance Index (SPI), developed at HTW Berlin, which investigates the general system efficiency, taking into account factors like different energy conversion pathways, dynamic control losses and settling times. Overall, the 2022 test confirmed a visible efficiency improvement.

“While only 2 systems achieved the highest efficiency class A in 2020, this year there were already 6 devices. A further 8 very efficient AC and DC-coupled systems achieved efficiency class B. However, the evaluation results also show large differences in efficiency. The total losses of the system in efficiency class F are more than twice as high compared to the frontrunners,” the official statement by HTW summarized the survey results.

For BYD, the HTW evaluation shows that a well harmonized combination of top-quality inverters with a top energy storage system is still a path to efficient solar + storage as they often now compete with all-in-one systems with integrated inverters. These results show integration doesn’t always mean efficiency.

BYD now has more than 250,000 systems installed in more than 90 countries. BYD is also one of very few companies producing all components of the system from the mining of raw materials, the development and production of battery cells, batteries, battery packs and battery management systems, to delivery.

“Evaluations such as the SPI index of HTW do not only deliver a very good third-party guidance for system choices, they also deliver insights into general development trends,” said Julia Chen, Global Director, BYD Battery-Box. “Our Battery-Box system is designed to deliver a very high efficiency and reliability. Another key factor in the design is maximum versatility and flexibility to cover a wide variety of application scenarios. One factor making this possible is the option to choose the best suited high-quality inverter from our trusted partners for each application case. The evaluations clearly show that all-in-one systems can still not keep up with the efficiency achieved with such a well-suited systems combination.”

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