Boviet Solar extends power warranty on Vega Series PV modules to 30 years

Boviet Solar Vega Series PV module

Boviet Solar is increasing the power warranty of its Vega Series Mono-Bifacial, Transparent Back PV Module to 30 years. Here’s how that performance guarantee is set over those 30 years:

  • For the 1st year, Boviet guarantees that the actual output of the PV module will be no less than 97.5% of the nominal power output.
  • From 2nd year to 30th year, the actual output annual decline will be no more than 0.55%.
  • By the end of 30th year, the actual power output of the PV module will be no less than 81.55%.

As stated in the warranty:

“The actual power shall be determined for verification under STC conditions only. The measurement method is either carried out by Boviet measurement facilities or Boviet-recognized third-party testing institutes. Testing equipment tolerance will be applied to all actual power output measurements.

In the event of a negative deviation of actual performance from the warranted output, Boviet shall at its option:
● Provide the Customer with additional PV- modules to make up for such loss in power, or repair or replace the PV modules,
● Provide an appropriate residual market value of the product(s) as compensation.

The warranty effective date shall be defined as the date of installation or ninety(90) days after delivery by Boviet, whichever date is earlier.”

Boviet’s PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large cell deigns pack in more power per module to produce more energy. Read more about them in our 2022 PV Module Buyer’s Guide.

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