Black & Veatch Bankability Report now available for Mechatron Solar’s dual-axis tracker


Black & Veatch recently completed a Bankability Report for Mechatron Solar, providing risk analysis of the patented 90-panel M18KD dual-axis solar tracker, the largest and most powerful in the industry. The report also covers the company’s expanded manufacturing facility in Stockton, which has an annual production capacity of 200 MW.

“Black & Veatch is of the opinion that the gearless design of the M18KD Tracker is unique compared to other tracker systems in the industry,” the analysts state.

The M18KD tracker is capable of generating 40% more energy than ground-mount frameworks and 20% more than single-axis trackers, which would be the highest energy density of all solar designs. With a single mast, the tracker also has the smallest ground footprint in the solar market, ideal for carports and other constrained sites.

“The M18KD Tracker features a centralized hydraulic drive system which allows the tracker to be installed on sites with uneven terrain,” the analysts noted. “Black & Veatch believes that the height of the foundation makes the tracker the ideal solution for agricultural and carport applications.”

For greater energy boost, “The tall foundation may also enhance the power output of trackers using bifacial modules,” the analysts noted.

In terms of safety design, “Black & Veatch observed that the gearless braking mechanism provides automatic protection capabilities and is patented by Mechatron,” the analysts said.

Mechatron’s next-generation gearless ball-bearing tracker design has demonstrated solid operational stability and resilience, operating continuously across widely varied site conditions. The warrantied 99.6% uptime demonstrated by the M18KD is the highest availability of any system in the solar tracking industry. The tracker also presents the lowest maintenance cost over the duration of the project lifespan. As a result, the ROI term for a Mechatron tracker is typically less than four years.

Among certifications, “Mechatron has achieved UL 3703 – Standard for Solar Trackers certification for the M18KD Tracker System. Black & Veatch reviewed the UL 3703 test report issued by SolarPTL on June 20, 2022,” the analysts noted.

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