Mechatron Solar’s dual-axis tracker, carport earn UL 3703 certification

Mechatron Solar

Mechatron Solar has gained certification for ANSI/UL 3703 solar tracker standard for its unique 90-panel dual-axis tracker, the M18KD, the largest and most powerful in the solar industry. The certification also covers the M18KD-20 carport canopy tracker. The certification was issued by SolarPTL, based in Tempe, AZ, one of four Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) in the United States.

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At the same time, the M18KD was certified under applicable UL 2703 subsections for Mechatron’s proprietary MechGrip clamping device that serves as a grounding bond. Without this certification, some states require separate – and expensive — grounding bond systems, an expanding requirement trend across the country.

The certifications showed that the M18KD tracker works across an Ambient Temperature Range of -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C. The tracker controls are NEMA 4 Outdoor certified with a Power Supply of 3-Phase/N/PE, 230/400V AC +/- 10%, at 50-60 Hz.

In other analysis, the M18KD has been calculated to be capable of wind resistance up to 115 mph, the wind speed of a Category 3 hurricane. The wind resistance calculations and the UL 3703 certification will be featured in the new Mechatron Solar Tier 1 bankability study, slated for
Q2 2022 issuance.

The unusually high-yield M18KD tracker – generating 40% more energy than ground-mount and 20% more than single-axis — has the highest energy density of all solar mounting designs. With a single mast, the tracker also has the lowest ground footprint in the global solar market, ideal for carports and other constrained sites.

As such, EPCs can turn to the Mechatron Solar technology solution for C&I projects where high-yield is an economic necessity, where installation sites may be constrained – by uneven terrain or by urban land-use criteria, and where the warrantied 99.6% uptime reliability may be critical to O&M financial projections.

The M18KD tracker has been installed across 90 MW in Europe and in North America over the past decade. Mechatron sources its components globally, with overlapping country vendors, to assure timely project execution.

Mechatron’s next-generation gearless ball-bearing tracker design has demonstrated unparalleled operational stability and resilience, operating continuously across widely varied site conditions. This 99.9% uptime demonstrated by the M18KD is the highest availability of any system in the solar tracking industry. The tracker also presents the lowest maintenance cost over the duration of the project lifespan. As a result, the Return on Investment for a Mechatron tracker is typically less than four years.

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