Bill filed to crush net metering and solar choice in Florida

Florida capitol building

The Florida monopoly utilities are at it again, aiming to crush solar choice in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Legislature is back in session and has already begun considering an anti-rooftop solar bill that, if passed, will decimate rooftop solar adoption in Florida and take a sledgehammer to solar choice for customers, jobs, and economic development. 

The regressive bill was written by Florida Power and Light (FPL), the state’s largest power company, to gut the state’s net metering policy – which currently ensures customers receive fair credit for the electricity their solar systems produce. Rooftop solar in Florida:

  • provides over $18 billion to the state’s economy, 
  • supports over 40,000 jobs, and
  • is supported by 93% of Floridians. 

Yet the bill, respectively Senate Bill 1024 and House Bill 741, would effectively end net metering in Florida and allow utilities to impose punitive fees on solar customers. 

Currently, Florida produces the third most electricity from solar panels in the country. Despite the economic benefits and overwhelming support for rooftop solar and net metering in Florida, on the first day that the Legislature resumed session, January 11, the Senate took the first step to move SB 1024 forward by passing it in the Regulated Industries Committee. 

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has condemned this utility-led assault on solar choice in the Florida Legislature.

To learn more, read the blog post by George Cavros, Florida Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: Bill Filed to Crush Solar Choice in the Sunshine State  

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