Aurora Solar can now size, recommend battery systems for solar customers

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The battery attachment rate in residential solar projects rises by the day, and solar installers need more, simple tools for sizing and selling energy storage to new and old customers. To that end, Aurora Solar just launched a range of cool tools for solar professionals to size a battery backup system and make recommendations based on the homeowner’s backup need.

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With Aurora Solar’s storage feature release, solar installers will have the capability to customize a battery backup system using their customer’s actual energy consumption data and accounting for the size of the PV system. The software dynamically factors in:

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  • how much power will be produced from the PV system,
  • how much of the customer’s load will be backed up,
  • the number of batteries and inverters selected, and
  • how long the battery backup system will last.

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Aurora Solar’s product team spent several months researching how solar and storage are sold today, and talking to installers around the world to learn what they are looking for in their storage solutions.

“We found that installers are looking for an easy way to assess battery capacity, select the best battery configuration for their customers, and include it in the costs,” said Justin Durack, VP of Product at Aurora Solar. “Using Aurora, installers will be able to do just that. They won’t need to stitch together and pay for different tools to include storage in their design or sales proposals anymore.”

The market for residental storage is expected to grow, especially as states like California, Texas, and New York continue to regularly grapple with utility power shut offs due to extreme weather or natural disasters. As more and more solar customers want battery backup, having advanced tools that can determine the appropriate storage size and integrate storage into an existing workflow couldn’t come at a better time.

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