Agilitas Energy begins pre-construction of largest battery system in Rhode Island

Battery Energy Storage System

Agilitas Energy is starting pre-construction work of its latest battery energy storage project, a 3 MW / 9 MWh lithium-ion system in Pascoag, Rhode Island. This is the first Battery Energy Storage System to be constructed by Agilitas Energy in Rhode Island and it is planned to enter commercial operation by the second quarter of 2022.

“The battery storage system will allow us to modernize our infrastructure and avoid the more costly re-construction of existing transmission lines. The battery energy storage systems help fulfill our goal to control costs while we assure reliable power,” said Mike Kirkwood, General Manager of the District.

Eventually, the wide application of energy storage will result in the end-consumers’ power usage cost-savings. The cost of electricity supply will decrease because electricity can be stored at a lower cost when the demand is low and discharged when the demand is high. The cost to deliver the electricity may also be reduced if the energy storage facility that dispatches the power is closer to your home or business than the generation plant.

In 2020, then Governor Gina Raimondo signed an executive order committing Rhode Island to meet 100 percent of its electricity demand with renewables and non-fossil fuel resources by 2030, which energy storage systems will play a significant role in. By storing electricity generated by renewable energy sources for use at another time, energy storage can help Rhode Island reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet its climate goals. It also enables flexibility between consumption load and supply, mitigating the high energy costs during times of peak demand.

“We are excited to work in partnership with the Pascoag Utility District by constructing one of the largest standalone battery energy storage systems in Rhode Island,” said Barrett Bilotta, President of Agilitas Energy, “The operation of this system will obviate the need for adding costly transmission infrastructure and create a win-win for all parties including the Pascoag’s customers.”

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