Adara Power energy storage systems added to HECO qualified equipment list

Adara Power, a privately-held Silicon Valley company working on some really cool energy storage technology, sent word that its Adara Energy Storage System has been added to the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) list of qualified equipment for customer self supply (CSS) installations.

Residential solar customers in Hawaii are now able to install rooftop solar with an Adara Energy Storage System and Schneider Context XW + 5548 or 6848 NA inverter while preventing export to the grid.

“This approval allows HECO customers to increase consumption of on-site energy and use it when demand and energy prices are highest or in the event of a grid outage,” stated Neil Maguire, founder and CEO of Adara Power. “Our installer partners in Hawaii have made it clear that solar and storage installations are vitally important if HECO hopes to meet their 100 percent renewable energy goals.”

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Adara Power Energy Storage System White (High Res)Adara Energy Storage Systems are designed to reduce the amount of energy drawn from the grid and increase the consumption of on-site energy produced by solar panel installations. With residential Adara Energy Storage System installations, homeowners benefit from:

• Customer Self Supply – meet the requirements of the Hawaii Electric Companies for non-export PV plus storage;
• Peak Shifting – shift excess solar production from daylight hours to night time and minimize or eliminate grid reliance
• Out-of-the-box integration to the XW+ inverter to eliminate in field programming;
• Real-time monitoring and control through a cell modem and web interface;
• Back-up power in event of grid outage.

The Adara Energy Storage System is an intelligent, stackable 8.6 kWh, 5.5 kW lithium-ion battery system designed for safe, reliable, long-lasting power management. It is designed, engineered and manufactured by Adara Power based on their company’s years of automotive lithium ion control systems engineering. Each system delivers more than 10 years of operation of dedicated peak shifting, back-up power, energy efficiency, as well as enables participation in emerging interactive energy exchanges. The Adara Energy Storage System is housed in an indoor/outdoor, floor or wall-mounted UL-rated enclosure.

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