20-kW Tracker System Commissioned in Ontario by i-Energy

i-Energy, a Taiwan-based leading developer and supplier of advanced photovoltaic power conversion and optimization products, announced the successful commissioning of a 20-kW solar power tracker system for the City of Welland, Ontario, Canada. Located at a road intersection, the solar power system is installed on land otherwise unusable due to easement requirements, demonstrating the feasibility of installing solar systems in non-traditional locations.  The system uses 86 i-Energy GT260 microinverters integrated with 230-W solar modules and 5-kW Deger Tracking Systems.  The City of Welland will receive Ontario FIT (feed-in-tariff) credits for the power generated by the solar power system into the grid of Welland Hydro Electric, the local power utility.

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ienergy“We are pleased to partner with the City of Welland and Welland Hydro Electric for their renewable energy needs,” said Dr. Steven Huang, CEO of i-Energy.  “This project underscores i-Energy’s commitment to Ontario’s renewable energy development. This project can be a model for other municipalities to reposition otherwise non-productive land into solar energy production sites.”

This project further demonstrates the value and flexibility of i-Energy’s microinverters in commercial solar projects, expanding its applicability beyond traditional residential solar installations.

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