Roof Tech partners with K2 Systems on new solar roof attachment

Roof Tech and K2 Systems

K2 Systems, formerly Everest Solar Systems, is known for its German-engineered racking systems, but throughout 2020 they released their own roof attachments to complement their systems. K2’s engineering and sales teams took feedback from the field and paired that with the technological advancements in the solar industry and ultimately decided to partner with Roof Tech Inc because of the superior waterproofing technology that comes with their non-metal flashing.

Together K2 and Roof Tech Inc are introducing an all-in-one mount and splice: The Splice Foot X & XL. Roof Tech’s Flexible Flashing technology, known as AlphaSeal, is proven to have 20+ years of sealing technology on asphalt roofs. The specialized butyl seal, which K2 is calling the K2 FlexFlash, eliminates the need for splitting shingles and removing nails with traditional metal flashings.

The butyl seal has been tested for rain, water submersion, salt spray, extreme temperature variations, age simulation and much more. It is a specialized butyl rubber that is resilient, reliable and resistant to the harsh elements found on roof top solar mounting systems. The structural mounting screws that are included with the mount are a 5mm self-tapping screw that requires no pre-drilling and are designed to pull the butyl into the rafter connection, eliminating the need to add sealant to the penetration.

K2 Systems and Roof Tech

The Splice Foot X & XL are an all-in-one mount and splice for K2’s CrossRail systems. This design eliminates the need for an L-Foot or other roof attachment products, which eliminates costs and makes installs more affordable and faster for installers and homeowners alike. The Splice Foot can be used as a deck attached or rafter attached roof attachment, so it is easily adjustable to the installers needs and simplifies the PV designers planning. The Splice Foot is designed to be optimized with the complete CrossRail system and can work interchangeably with standard Rail Connectors and other system components to provide a low profile and sleek look for your customers.

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