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Installer insight: Florida’s Powerbill Solutions reviews the RT-APEX solar mount by Roof Tech

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Powerbill Solutions was founded in 2017 by Bryan Roddenbery and partner Greg Chentnik. The company’s mission to mitigate and eliminate high electricity bills for their customers along the Florida Panhandle. Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, Powerbill offers design, engineering, and installation of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems, commercial solar water heating and solar-based pumping systems, and swimming pool heating systems.

Powerbill Solutions founder Bryan Roddenbery first heard about Roof Tech when he was searching for a more efficient, affordable mounting solution for installation of rooftop PV systems. “Back then, I learned about E Mount AIR from my customer rep,” he said. “We can get lots of high wind, heavy rain, and intense heat here in the Florida Panhandle, and at first I had doubts about how watertight E Mount AIR could be. But I quickly realized that RT-Butyl is incredibly heat resistant and always creates a durable, leakproof seal.”

Since discovering E Mount AIR, Roddenbery has used it or more than a dozen jobs – from asphalt shingle and metal roofing to TPO roof systems. “In the past we primarily used metal flashed-based systems, but now we realize that RT-Butyl-based systems are far better for most jobs. Roof Tech continues to innovate and with RT-APEX, there’s no need to do complex height adjustments. Roof Tech products are so easy to use, they always save us a lot of time on the roof.”

In early July 2020, Roof Tech Regional Sales Manager Matthias Herzog introduced Roddenbery to Roof Tech’s newest product, the RT-APEX. Hailed as an advanced rail-less and self-flashing PV mounting system, RT-APEX features slide-in mounting, universal clamping, one-step leveling, and integrated flexible flashing.

“I decided to try RT-APEX on a residential job with a steep, asphalt-shingled roof with 72-cell modules,” said Roddenbery. “Matthias came out to show us how to use the product and even helped with roof layout. We got the solar panels installed in less than one day.”

Now that Powerbill has completed its first job with RT-APEX, Roddenbery is a believer. He also notes the affordability of RT-APEX, adding that competitive pricing is likely to make it his first choice for future jobs.

APEX gives us a straighter array with exact module height across the span of the roof with the entire system grounded together as it snaps into place,” he said. “It’s so easy to use, we can simply snap the modules on and lay out the system quickly, even with a ribbed metal roof that may be in the way of a truss below.”

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    Thank you for your honesty and facts. Glad to see more solar companies trying to do good for mother nature.