ARCHIVED WEBINAR: Rapid Shutdown Showcase — A review of commercial solar RSD strategies and solutions


rapid shutdownRapid Shutdown (RSD) requirements have been a moving target for commercial solar PV system designers, and solutions to meet and exceed NEC 2017 standards have continued to emerge and evolve. In this webinar, CPS America, the leading commercial inverter supplier in the country, will go in-depth on the evolutions of the RSD requirements, and then explain the CPS RSD solutions available when paired with different partners — including the CPS “F’n Elegant” RSD Solution pairing with Tigo for example — and the tradeoffs associated with each solution.

What: Rapid Shutdown Showcase: A review of commercial solar RSD strategies and solutions


Attendees will learn:

  • Evolution of the NEC RSD requirements
  • Current commercially available RSD solutions
  • Pros and cons for the different options.


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